My baby’s 2nd grade class has a weekly spelling list of 15 words, and part of their weekly homework routine evolves around these spelling words.

On Mondays, they write each word 3 times. On Tuesdays, they put the words in alphabetical order. On Wednesday, they do “7 sentences.” On Thursdays, a family member gets invited to provide a practice spelling test. It is mostly a probably necessary, but not so exciting part of the 2nd grade homework assignments. Except for the 7 sentences.

I love Wednesday’s 7 sentences! That’s when the kids select 7 of the 15 words, and incorporate the chosen words into sentences. My baby never wastes time or energy on boring, plain vanilla sentences. My baby’s sentences are always full of imagination and childish emotions, and often are down right humorous. I just had a good chuckle when I was entertained by this week’s 7 sentences, particularly the last sentence, for which the spelling word was simply “Once.”

Here is what the baby wrote: “7. Why do you think you are smarter? Once I wrote a paper full of Algebra!”

My 2nd grader's 7 Sentences

Ha ha, my baby hasn’t learned a thing about Algebra yet. But even a 7 year old knows that boasting and truth don’t have to be on good terms with each other.

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