As the devastating Images of the Japanese great quake and Tsunami unfold all over the news media, they serve as a strong warning of what can happen here where we live. We live within close proximity to two rather famous menacing fault lines. Like Japan, we have an ocean nearby, and our local news channel recently introduced me to two nuclear reactor plants that are located near the coast south of us. One of them is about 200 miles south of us, which is about how far the first troubled nuclear reactor in Japan is from Tokyo, the news anchor had explained purposefully.

All of this sprang me into action last week. I finally got an earthquake emergency kit together for my family. I have always thought that we should have one, and seeing what happened in Japan had me thinking that getting a 3-day emergency supply kit is the responsible thing to do.

I didn’t just go online and buy a ready made kit. I diligently did some research to see what an emergency kit should consist of, and built my own list of emergency supplies to cater to the needs of my family.

Here is what I got:

Earthquake Kit

1)First Aid kit with a variety of 70 items.

2)Extra pair of our contact lens and solution. (We have to be able to see)

3)Children’s Pain Killer medicine

4)Hand Sanitizer and Wet Naps

5)Feminine product for me

6)Drinking Water

7)Canned food – nutritious with long expiration dates

8)Can Opener

9)Flash light

10)Swiss army pocket knife

11) Bleach – In the event of an earthquake, the plumbing might be out of order, and we must continue to answer nature’s call, so bleach is necessary to keep our area sanitary, and prevent us from getting sick.

12) Duct Tape – This is where I evoke our government’s comforting words – “Out of abundance of precaution”, this tape is necessary in case of radiation or other bio hazard agents are released in the air, and we are told to stay in-doors, and seal off outside air from reaching us.

13)My children’s favorite toddler fork-and-spoon set that I could never give away.

14)Copy of our passports for identification, with family members’ phone numbers written on the back.

The Earthquake Kit is all set and ready, but it is only part I of my emergency preparedness.

Part II required me to gather my children together and discuss what they should do in the morbid scenario if my husband and I should die, and they are left to fend for themselves.

I kept the conversation real simple and matter of fact. I went over the individual items in our emergency kit, how and when to use them. Including that the canned food was purchased for its nutritional value and that even if they hated it, they must eat to survive even if they don’t feel hungry. And that they need to remember to drink water. And if they can hear rescue people outside, they must make lots of noise to attract their attention. Finally, I informed the children where copies of our Living Trust are located.

As I put all the emergency supplies in a sturdy bag, and put it in a place that we all agree is the best spot for an earthquake disaster. I felt a little better about facing the impending big quake that all the experts are threatening us with.

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