Last Wednesday, the children and I were complaining about my husband together. He had promised the children a picnic lunch during their school’s family BBQ lunch day. Hubby was a no-show….he completely forgot about it.

As we debated on the most appropriate method of punishment for him, my 10-year-old came to his defense with this: “Whenever we ask Dad a question, he always gave us a serious and scientific answer. Whenever we ask you a question, you always give us a ridiculous and completely crazy answer.”

“WHAT?! No I don’t.” me.

“Yes, you do.” both kids attacking me now.

“Okay, give me an example.” me.

Both kids eying the ceiling, and tapping their temples with their fingers.

“Can’t think of one right now.” 10-year-old.

“Yeah.” 7-year-old gave up too.

“Okay, you can’t accuse me of something like that without a single example to back it up.” me.

“That’s totally unfair to me.” I am on the defense now.


“Mom?” 7-year-old.

“What?” me.

“Why do I always have a bloody nose?” 7-year-old.

This is true. My baby suffers from chronic nose bleed, and just had a bloody nose during swimming lesson the previous day.

“Hum…” I had no scientific answer to this, so I began to think….

“It is because you have a very small head.” me

“No!” the kids started to giggle.

“Yes. You always have bloody noses because your head is too small. Whenever you get too upset or excited, too much blood would come up into your head, and there is not enough room for all that blood, so it comes out of your nose.” me.

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