“I wish our Chinese school was as much fun as our Chinese camp.” 10-year-old.

“Yeah! That would be awesome.” 7-year-old.

The kids look forward to their Chinese cultural camp every summer with as much zest as they dread their Chinese school. To be fair, there are no tests nor homework in the summer camp. Instead, there are arts and crafts, singing and dancing, fun and games, making traditional Chinese treats, and eating them too.

Model of traditional Chinese home

Art of Traditional Lantern

Paper Chinese New Year Scroll

This week-long camp is conducted in Mandarin Chinese. And every year, the camp organizers offer a new and engaging curriculum to teach young children about Chinese culture, art, cuisine, and ancient history. Their program is not just educational, but FUN. Over the past several years, my children have learned many great Chinese traditions through this camp, and that knowledge has lead to pride in their rich heritage.

My kids just finished their Chinese camp last week. And last Friday, there was a big closing ceremony to showcase what the children learned over the week. For just a one-week-long program, their 90-min Friday show is admirably well organized, high quality, and entertaining. The auditorium is always packed with parents, family, and friends with cameras and video recorders in tow to capture their little performers in action.

This summer’s program featured the major Chinese New Year holiday, Kung Fu Archery (no one got hurt), Traditional Rod Puppets, Traditional Houses, and Making Tofu, just to name a few.

Culture of Tofu!!

Traditional Rod Puppet

Traditional Chinese New Year's Eve Meal

Camp Song and Dance

Camp Show Skit

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