My baby is growing up by leaps and bounds…during just the last week.

The baby will turn 8 this coming Sunday. About a week or so ago, on a quiet evening, I asked, “Tasterbach! Your birthday is coming up. Where would you like to go for dinner on your big special day?”

Without looking up, and still busy thumbing on the Nintendo DS game, “Alexander’s.”

ALEXANDER’S!!? That is probably the most expensive steakhouse in town! The town being the whole San Francisco Bay Area. Such a formal dining choice for a young child.

“Alexander’s? That place is WAY expensive for a kid birthday”, me with eyes wide open.

“I want Kobe steak for my birthday.” Tasterbach insisted.

We took the kids to this restaurant before, and I made the grave mistake of feeding slices of my juicy steak to them.

I began to regret opening this can of worms, as my mind flashed into the future, when my baby is 16, and my teenager pops into the family room bursting with pride, deposits a brand new driver’s license in my lap, and demands a Porsche to go with it.

Why can’t the kid just smack me with the nauseating, but age appropriate choice of Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Everyday, I made at least one attempt to convince the baby to change the proposed venue.

“Hey! How about Benihana’s? ” me

Tasterbach threw me an unimpressed look from the back seat of the car.

“Remember we went there for Daddy’s birthday? The guys wear tall hats cook right in front of you!” me.


“Remember they made the onion volcano? Oh, and the flying shrimp!” me trying real hard.

“But I don’t like to eat their food.” Tasterbach stated flatly.

“Hey, they give you free dessert on your birthday. And they all come and sing to you.” me, continue to pitch Benihana’s.

From the rear view mirror, I can see my baby crossed both arms, and gave me a look that flatly said, NO.

“Alexander’s will definitely not sing happy birthday for you. And they probably will not give you free dessert.” me.

I am certain Alexander’s wanted nothing to do with an 8 year old. They don’t even bother to offer a kid’s menu, even though they have menus and wine lists the size of a small photo album.

I just came to the realization that my persuasions only served to convince my stubborn child that Alexander’s is the only choice for a special birthday meal.

It is now Tuesday evening, and I still have not made a dinner reservation for Sunday night. I am still struggling with my two choices:

Choice A: Starting saving now to buy a Porsche in 8 years.

Choice B: Looking into those big brown eyes, and tell the baby, “You are very special, just not Alexander special.”

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