Maui's Local Boys

I snapped this picture-perfect photo a couple of days ago on our favorite beach in Maui.

What are the boys doing sitting there like that, you askā€¦ waiting for the next big wave that hits the shoreline!!

Local Boys catching wave

I was smart enough to park the whole family behind these tan and muscular local boys. They put up a good show for us.

Makena, a.k.a. the big beach, a.k.a. break neck beach is one of our favorite beaches on my favorite Hawaiian island of Maui.

Makena, the Big Beach of Maui

Makena is a long stretch of fine sandy beach on the southern tip of Maui. It features big powerful surfs that break close to the shoreline.

Long Sandy Beach

It is always tricky to get in and out of its enticing turquise crystal clear water. You have to time it just right to not get pounded by one of its powerful surfs. We always enjoy this beach with a great deal of caution. But the local teens love to muscle into these waves with their boogie boards to ride and do 360 degree flips into the air.

Braving Makena's Big Powerful Wave

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