1st Diaversary dessert and candle

What is this diaversary, you ask.

Well, it is the first anniversary of my baby’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes.

WHY would anyone want to celebrate a disease!! You ask.

Well, no one asked if we wanted this disease, but no one said that we had to be sad about it either!

December 4th, 2013 was a date that my family will never ever forget. The diagnosis was earth shattering, emotionally traumatic, and mixed with sky high anxiety. Life was never the same again, and it took us a long time to find our new norm. But we learned to be comfortable, and even happy again with our new norm.

When December 4th, 2014 loomed close, I knew it was to be an important date that we can’t just pretend to forget. I have told my children that if they get to chose between being sad or being happy, always choose happy! So, we celebrate.

We went out and splurged on a fancy dinner at our favorite Steak House. We didn’t stop here either.

The following Sunday, we invited the baby’s close friends over for a Christmas party in honor of her 1st Diaversary.


The healthier table

The kids played games, painted each other’s faces, rode skateboards out in front of the house, then they made sugar cookies, cut them into Christmas shapes, baked, and painted them with icing.

Home made Christmas cookies

As I watched these kids all giggling and smiling, I looked toward the future. I pictured my child away in some college campus, and on a perhaps cold December day, she would hold a hot drink in her special cup, and will look back on her memorable Dec 4th date, and find something to smile about.

Cup with engraved diaversary date

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