I made a quick stop at Lucky’s today to grab some yogurt and gogurt for the kids’ school lunch. I strolled by the ice cream isle to see what’s on sale…and I hit gold mine! Dove Bar is on sale. That’s both of my kids’ favorite, and they are NEVER on sale. They are usually around 5 bucks. Today is two boxes for $6. I tossed two in my cart, checked myself out, and drove home thinking I should have picked up more.

As I was putting the Dove Bars into my freezer, something didn’t feel right. Why… while it almost looked the same, the box is a bit smaller than usual. Ugh…there are only 3 bars in the box instead of the normal 4!

I hope their VP of Marketing is proud. I feel tricked. I am going to boycott Dove Bars for a whole month.

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Category: Humor, Parents
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