“Do you have lunch money today?” I asked casually as I drove my 13-year-old to school this morning.

“…Give me a twenty.” the kid held out an open hand.

“Do you still have lunch money left?” me.

“You said that you will give me $20 a week.” 13-year-old.

Fishy….the kid is not answering my question.

“I could give you $20, but I noticed that you are eating very cheaply these days.” me.

“I still want my $20 a week!” the young teen demanded.

“Yesterday you had flatbread and some grapes…is that like a dollar fifty?” me.

“$2.25!! But that was more than what I usually spend.” kid. My 13-year-old is rather honest.

“Just look into your bag, and tell me how much money you have?” me.

Kid reached into her school bag, and counted her money.

“Thirteen dollars.” kid.

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s plenty money to buy yourself lunch for the rest of the week. Come to me when you run out of lunch money.” me.

“No! I purposely eat cheap to save my lunch money. So I can buy stuff.” 13-year-old stuck out her open hand further into my face.

School lunch tray

I pushed her hand aside.

“The lunch money is meant for you to eat a healthy and balanced lunch. You can not make money from your lunch money. Your lunch is a non-profit!” I lay down this necessary new rule.

“Oh.” kid.

Many hours later…

After school I asked her, “So what did you eat for lunch today?”

“Pizza, fries, cookie, beef jerky, apple, water, yogurt.” kid.

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