“Tuesdays will be pizza nights for the next few weeks!” I declared to the kids.

“YEAH!!!” Kids responded joyfully.

My homemade gluten free pizza

We have got volleyball practices on Tuesdays from 6-7PM. As head coach of a volleyball team, I am obligated to be there at 5:30PM to set up the court, and to take the court down after the games. This schedule makes dinner nearly impossible. But the family still demands to eat their dinner never the less.

Pizza to the rescue! I decided that pizza is the easiest meal to prepare on such a day.

I gathered and prepared all the pizza ingredients just before we left for practice.

Toppings ready to go...

All your must haves are pizza dough, pizza sauce, and cheese.

We love Venice Bakery's Gluten Free pizza crust

Gluten free pizza sauces

The rest is just gravy, and it depends on what you like, or perhaps what you can find in your fridge.

My kids love cheese pizza with bacon.

So, I cut up a generous amount of bacon, fried them, and put them aside.


Hubby and I prefer a pizza with more stuff on it. So, I sliced up one tomato, some Canadian bacon, and I happened to have half of a Portuguese sausage in my fridge that was left over from a weekend breakfast.

Fresh ingredients

I sliced up the sausage and Canadian bacon, and set them aside with some fresh sweet basil.

Oh, and I chopped up some garlic. I always put fresh garlic on my pizzas.

After practice, I pre-heat the oven to 475 degrees, then start to put the pizzas together.

I spread my gluten free pizza sauce onto my GF pizza dough. If you like ranch dressing like we do, it makes a great pizza sauce! It does, try it.

Pizza crust covered in Ranch dressing

For pizza #1, I spread Mozzarella cheese on top of the Ranch dressing sauce, then added the pre-cooked bacon, and sprinkle it with fresh chopped up garlic.

Bacon white pizza

For pizza #2, I spread cheese on top of the pizza sauce, added tomato slices, arranged the Canadian bacon and Portuguese sausage on top, then added the fresh sweet basil and garlic.

I put the pizzas in the oven at 475 degrees for 10 minutes. After I return from a quick shower, the pizzas were perfectly ready to be eaten.


So delicious, and a good way to get rid of random leftovers sitting in the fridge too.

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