We devoted a day of the kids’ spring break to baking cookies.

Cookie dough

They love baking cookies; especially sugar cookies.

When my firstborn was just a toddler, I had the brilliant foresight to purchase a huge box of 100 cookie cutters. We had put them to good use over the years, and they provided our cookie dough with an endless supply of fun shapes.

fun shaped cookies

As soon as the cookies were properly cooled, the kids spent the rest of the afternoon decorating their cookies with these edible coloring supplies.

cookie decorating supplies

Edible art

A lucky few even got special cookies with their names on it.

Nai Nai and Mark's cookies

After a day of hard work, they had two trays of cookies to show.

Beautifully decorated Cookies

Aren’t they all beautiful?!

Actually, not all the cookies turned out beautiful. The kids were deeply embarrassed by the ugly cookies. Those were immediately devoured, so no one had to suffer through them. I got to peek at a few, and they were hideous!

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